Learn More from the primary thougts to the first event ...                                                                               ... from 1st to 18th hole. Golf Inferno, that’s Beck'spiners vs. Divot Devils, a three day modified Match Play event, first hosted in 2005. In yearly frequency, four players of each team compete in Fourball, Fourball Aggregate and Single matches. 2013 Champion: Divot Devils                      68                76                        Full event coverage Outlook to 2014 Event Date: Sa. June 7th - Mo. June 9th Location: Verden Host: Divot Devils, Frank Ludwig Object of desire The Golf Inferno Trophy, donated by T. Frass and F. Ludwig Could you imagine ... ... to play against a cold pizza eating golf robot which condemns Stableford and prefers walking bare food on fairways? This could be your opponent if you combine skills, characteristicst and experiences that that some of the players made. Curious? Visit the Must Read section.
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     days    hours   min   sec Countdown for 2014 event click picture to enlarge ... unfortunately time doesn’t allow us to spend as much hours on the course as we would like, but there is one event where we take our time. Always! Our private little Ryder Cup which comes up year by year: THE GOLF INFERNO We are golf crazed but not professionals. However, once a year we take it “serious” as everybody wants to win the championchip. Our skills and handicaps have improved during the years, but we still know the truth: If we hit it right, it's a slice - if we hit it left, it's a hook - if we hit it straight, it's a miracle. click picture to play flash gallery Content A TRIBUTE TO THE WINNERS!!! You are in the right place if you like photo fakes and fun manipulations. Turn the music on and enjoy! Music Ensono - Alien Groove